What We Do

MarinePC is a design/build manufacturer of high quality electronic display and computing products for use in Marine environments. Specifically, we manufacture sunlight readable LCD monitors that can be used for display of computer images and/or video sources such as cameras or DVD players. Our monitors typically are suitable for outdoor use on a continuous basis in all weather conditions and without added protection or cooling, and on the bridges of ships of all sizes and types and in all service conditions. Our computers are specifically configured and prepared for use in the toughest and most extreme environment for computers, that of craft on water. The compact designs contribute to the usefulness as well as the ruggedness of the products, allowing our designs to meet or exceed most commercial and military standards. Many of our designs are fanless and all are available with 100% solid state electronics.

When We Started

Our first product designed specifically for use in a Marine environment was produced in 1997. Over that time, we have built products for other OEM partners to custom specifications, and continue to do so today. Increasingly, we have been offering standardized products with the Marine PC brand name on them. We have manufactured many thousands of marine monitor and computer products and will continue to support and service all of our customers. We are a privately held Arizona Corporation dedicated to keeping the faith and trust our customers place in us by offering high quality innovative products and service at fair prices.

Where We Do It

MarinePC has corporate offices and manufacturing in suburban Phoenix, the sixth largest city in the U.S. The "Valley of the Sun", while lacking salt water, has been a high technology, electronics manufacturing center for many years, and has perhaps the very best environment for manufacturing our kind of products and testing them in the extreme. With over 85% annually of direct sunlight, and one of the hottest inhabitable places in the United States, our laboratory is just outside the front door. We design and build in more application specific features, keeping innovation and functionality high while keeping costs and development times down. We are proud to accomplish much of our engineering, design and manufacturing, as well as our final assembly, testing, and customer service in the United States of America.

Who We Do It For

MarinePC has a vast customer base with users found throughout the Americas, Africa, Austral-Asia and the European Union. Customers range from recreational sailors in sailboats and luxury yachts, to commercial tugs, workboats, port authorities, public safety boats and ferries, to oceanographic institutions, NOAA,the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Customs and Border Protection, as well as the navies of several other countries.
We look forward to making our products for you.